Getting to know Aminudi: An IPB University Alumnus Who Wins Independent Young Entrepreneur Award 2021 []

Aminudi, an alumnus of IPB University from the Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, won an award as the Best of The Best Independent Young Entrepreneurs 2021. Aminudi decided to become an entrepreneur until now he is the CEO of Biomagg Indonesia.

He started his business in the field of fisheries through catfish farming. After one year of cultivating, there are two problems experienced, namely the price of middlemen who tend to fluctuate and the price of feed which continues to increase.

“Because feed accounts for up to 67 percent of total operational costs, I’m trying to find alternative feeds,” he explained.

He admitted, armed with the knowledge he practiced during his studies at IPB University, he tried to find literature on the potential of insects as potential alternative feed. Until finally he developed the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) to produce fish food.

“Over time, the development of this BSF was intended to process organic waste and Biomagg was born,” explained Aminudin, who is also the winner of the 2021 Bank Indonesia Young Entrepreneur Leadership Program.

The alumnus of IPB University explained the importance of maggot development. He said maggot could solve the problem of organic waste in Indonesia. This is because every person in Indonesia produces 300 kilograms of food waste every year. This places Indonesia as the second largest producer of food waste in the world. Not only that, the management of organic waste in Indonesia is also very lacking, even though organic waste is the most waste in the waste heap which reaches 60 percent.

“With this maggot, we are trying to create a new ecosystem, namely the Green Economy for the sake of creating the implementation of SDG’s in Indonesia,” explained Aminudi, an alumnus of IPB University.

In addition, he said, Indonesia is also still importing sources of protein raw materials in the form of fish meal, reaching 105.7 million dollars per year. Even though Indonesia is a maritime country with the widest coastline in the world, this greatly affects the price of feed which makes it difficult for farmers and ranchers. In addition, Indonesia also has a source of insect diversity that has the potential as a renewable protein.

In building his business, Aminudi conveyed the need for confidence in running a business. Because, he said, when the owner is convinced, it is not difficult to convince customers and investors.

“What is no less important is being consistent and persistent, whatever obstacles, problems, challenges, both those that come from within and from the environment, must be faced, not avoided,” he said.

If there is a problem in the business, continued Aminudi, it is necessary to find the best and fastest solution in solving the problem, or analyze which decisions and solutions reduce the risk of loss. He also suggested discussing with the team if there was a problem so that it could be solved together. On the other hand, Aminudi explained the need to create a PDCAE concept (Plan, Do, Check, Action, Evaluation) in anticipating problems in doing business. (*) (IAAS/IRN)

Penulis: (IAAS/IRN)
Tanggal: 14-Dec-2021

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